The Hospital

Northern Provincial Hospital (NPH)

NPH is located on the island of Santo, a 10 minute walk from the town of Luganville . It is a 100 bed hospital with surgical, medical, paediatric, TB and maternity wards. There is also an accident and emergency room (ER), outpatient department, operating theatres, laboratory and x-ray department.

The outpatient's department acts as the general practice for the people of Luganville where around 100 people seen every day. It is a fee paying service - 300vt ($3.40AUD) per adult or 100vt ($1.15AUD) per child which covers the consultation, all investigations and medicines.

Northern Provincial Hospital (NPH) - Vanuatu
Northern Provincial Hospital (NPH) - Vanuatu Maternity unit

Maternity unit NPH

The maternity ward has 22 beds and a 3 bed birthing room. The fee is 600 vatu ($6.80AUD) per night and the average stay after birth is 24 hours. Women are admitted during labour, are supported during the birth and immediate postnatal period and provided with information and education prior to discharge. Postnatal checks on the woman and baby are performed on days 3, 5 and 7. The women return to the maternity ward for their check-up, baby weigh and relevant immunisations.

Antenatal and family planning clinics run daily adjacent to the maternity ward. Care in the clinics is provided by midwives and are attended by all women who are booked to give birth at NPH. Antenatal education is provided in the waiting area either in person by one of the midwives or a video is shown on a television.

The Maternal Child Health Service operates from a clinic on the hospital grounds where care is provided both locally and to women who live in remote areas of Santo.